Genesis token for green earth

Genesis is just the beginning of the FigoCoin project.
A project that will focus on mobility, plastic recycling and good practices for the green economy.
There will be airdrops, giveaways and prizes until 31 December 2022!
Users and investors will be invited to make an important contribution in the development of the project through surveys, quizzes and more, for the completion of each action you will receive GNS tokens as a prize.


Number of GENESIS


Our Vision is to overturn the paradigm that to produce wealth it is necessary to consume resources and we want to reward and redistribute value in proportion to the resource savings generated by eco-sustainable behaviors.

The Token will be used as a reward for a whole series of virtuous actions such as the recycling of plastic bottles, the use of electric vehicles and participation in background events ecological and environmental.

The Goal is to trigger an economic flywheel that encourages and promotes good practices first on a national and then international scale.


Our Mission is to create the first integrated ecosystem that organically combines green mobility, incentive recyclingand the blockchain world.
Figorent immediately laid its foundations in the world of eco-sustainability focusing on mobile sharing and FigoGreen is doing the same in that of ecological islands and eco-compactors incentives. In a short time they have carved out a slice of the market by placing themselves as established companies within the whole national panorama.
Then Team, constantly looking for innovation and novelty, has decided to broaden its range of action, and implement a new project to mobile sharing and ecology, combining everything with its FIGOCOIN token.


The main stages of growth and development of the project will be three.
Genesis, like yes it follows from the name itself, it represents birth of the project, will be the phase that will determine one very first network creation and connection between all future users and subscribers. In this sentence the main aspect is the introduction of a referral program, which will develop into seven levels.
Who will enter the project already in this moment of time, it will get advantages and rewards based on some required tasks they will have to be performed and that we will see later.
In the second stage the VARA and Certik certifications will be carried out and will come built the private rooms and presale.
In the third stage it will happen the launch on one of the most important exchanges and the sale will begin regular of the NFT collections.


Gianluca Giansante is the CEO of FigoCoin Project

Gianluca Giansante


Stefano Supplizi is the COO of FigoCoin Project

Stefano Supplizi


Antonio Lipartiti is the Founder of FigoCoin Project

Antonio Lipartiti


Giovanni Verdoliva is the CCO of FigoCoin Project

Giovanni Verdoliva


Krizia Sportelli is the CMO of FigoCoin Project

Krizia Sportelli



  • Development and distribution of the GENESIS contract (GNS)
  • Launch of the platform
  • Opening of all channels and launch on social media
  • Creation and building of the community on telegram and
  • Activation of referrals, tasks and surveys to involve the community on specific decisions
  • Involvement of institutional partners
  • TechRate audit
  • Achievement of the first 10.000 subscriptions
  • Development and distribution of the BeGood contract (BGD)
  • Installation of our service for ecocompactors
  • Use of BeGood as a reward in exchange for plastic
  • Use of BeGood as payment in the Figorent app
  • Promotional campaigns
  • Sponsoring
  • Reaching the first 30.000 registrations
  • Figo Coin (FIGO) contract development and distribution
  • First private sale and first NFT collection
  • First and second presale for third NFT collection
  • Influencer marketing on Twitter, Telegram, Youtube
  • Press releases on main stream media (TV, radio, newspapers, etc.)
  • Audit CERTIK
  • Partnership activations
  • Merchandising launch
  • Listing directly on one of the major CEXs (approval procedures are currently ongoing with some of the major CEXs)
  • Fourth NFT collection
  • Listing on CoinMarketCap and CoinGecko
  • Activation of the schools project
  • Launch of management game with ecological background
  • Construction of FIgoVerse, metaverse with ecological background
  • Reaching 100.000 registrations

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